2019 Mineral Calendar…

The 2019 Mineral Calendar, Sulphides and Sulphosalts of Australia, is now available at Lulu for AU$16.99. You should be able to get 15% off using coupon code LKAB317CD if you order in October.

The mineral specimens featured are as follows:

  • Tetrahedrite, Stannite, Arsenopyrite, Tolwong Mine, Marulan, New South Wales
  • Boulangerite, Rhodochrosite, Rosebery, Tasmania
  • Pyrite, Gold, Galena, Hill End, New South Wales
  • Bournonite, Chalcopyrite, Tolwong Mine, Marulan, New South Wales
  • Tetrahedrite, Chalcopyrite, Hellyer Mine, Tasmania
  • Violarite, Scotia Mine, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
  • Pyrite, Longley, Tasmania
  • Pyrargyrite, North Mine, Broken Hill, New South Wales
  • Arsenopyrite, Stannite, Tolwong Mine, Marulan, New South Wales
  • Sphalerite, Leadville, New South Wales
  • Pyrite, Calcite, Biggenden, Queensland
  • Tetrahedrite, Pyrite, Rise and Shine Mine, Majors Creek, Braidwood, New South Wales

Each image shows a mere 3.33mm of mineral specimen!

2019 Mineral Calendar – Sulphides and Sulphosalts from Australia