Monthly Mineral Chronicles Volume 1 Issue 1

Welcome to the very first edition of Monthly Mineral Chronicles. This is a publication pulled together by a mineral collector for mineral collectors.

This 26 page full-colour issue includes:

  • A Social Media Roundup
  • Dealer Spotlight 0n Eric Vandusen
  • In Case You Missed It…
  • Convoy S2+ UV Torch
  • Queensland Minerals Heritage Museum
  • Pyrite Disease
  • Moving to Bisbee, Arizona – Rolf Luetcke
  • Shigar Valley, Pakistan
  • Chiavennite, Article by Ole-Thorstein Ljøstad
  • Inner Mongolia
  • Gem Elbaite from the Congo by Paul Cyr
  • Sainte Marie-aux-Mines 2018 Report by Ed Richard
  • Publication – A Collector’s Guide to the Minerals of Flinders, Victoria, Australia
  • Publication – Minerals of the English Midlands
  • Under the Scope – South Island, New Zealand

Each month, I will bring you mineral-related content from around the world. There will be a range of topics including mineral news and information, show reports, articles on minerals and localities, a spotlight on individual mineral dealers or collectors, and maybe an editorial now and again.

The focus won’t be restricted to any particular genre. And all of this from just $1 per month for Patreons and Subscribers. Casual access is available through Gumroad. Please use the Contact Us form to become a Subscriber.

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I hope that you enjoy the journey.

Steve Sorrell